Why to choose a first class boat?

As soon as you decide to look for a cruise to the Galapagos Island you’ll face the dilemma of choosing one from the variety of options there are. Galapagos Islands best place to know.

On the internet you’ll find cruise ships are classed using a variety of classifications systems which may leave you a bit puzzled wondering what they actually mean. So we present you some useful information that may guide you through this process.

The first thing you have to know about cruising in Galapagos is that size matters!.. Unlike ships in others destinations where you feel like into a floating city, Galapagos cruises are restricted to ships carrying 100 passengers or less, in fact the average number of people on board is 16 visitors, the reason, CONSERVATION, you’ll be sailing into a very fragile environment and small ships make the less impact on it.

The official cruise classification comes from the Galapagos National Park but due to the accelerated growth of touristic vessels now the tour industry classification is the most accurate and reliable. In general ship classification is based on three main factors: 

  • Ship size and general spaciousness.- not only the size of the ship but the space of the cabins and the social areas is also taken in account.
  • Guide quality.- all guides working legally in Galapagos must be licensed and they are placed into a category according to their knowledge not only of the islands but also about languages or other specialties. The higher the level of the guide, the higher standard you’ll cruise will be.
  • Facilities, amenities and extras-. This involves all services that provide extra comfort to your cruise experience, such as: buffet meals, kayaks, spa and massages, souvenir shops, internet and others.

Based on these standards, Galapagos cruises can be divided into the 5 categories each one presents advantages and disadvantages. It’s also important to say that there’s no clear separation between one and other category, the level of comfort and luxury goes up every time though.